At Clock This we print any background image you would wish to chose, create a plaque for any message you want to deliver and then you choose from a range of custom made clock-faces to suit your design.

Can you imagine a world without clocks…?                                                             …Imagine a world without personality?

Express yourself, or your brand, in a practical and useful way. Express your feelings for another person or persons with your “custom built bespoke clock”!
Where you create the message that you want to relate to someone your care about, family, friend, loved one, or business associate.
Promote your business, celebrate your own happy occasion, or just put up a picture of your favourite sports team or movie idol.

The possibilities are simply endless, yet sublimely simple to create…

  …create something that someone else will actually want to own, to cherish!!

Gift a loved-one with a custom clock featuring their own interests.

As a wedding gift, you can capture a moment in time with a time-measuring device to measure the time since the time you’ve captured! It works!

As a corporate gift or investment, you can keep things running like clockwork at the offices and impress visiting clientele. Each time they look at the time, they are reminded of your selling points.

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